We are pleased to announce auditions for the coming 2021-22 choir year and will begin making appointments August  2. Our members are from ages 8 through 15–most of whom play an instrument (although this is not a requirement).  We do have a particular need for older singers with significant instrumental background and sightreading experience.  However, we will be delighted to hear anyone in the 8-15 age group who might be interested in singing in the Salt Lake Children’s Choir. Auditions last about 15 minutes, are very casual, and no preparation is needed.

Now beginning its 42nd year, the choir emphasizes correct vocal development and the world’s outstanding vocal literature. It appears in the area’s premiere performance settings and can be heard on local and national radio broadcasts. This December, the choir will resume its decades-long tradition of annual Christmas concerts in Salt Lake City’s beautiful Cathedral of the Madeleine.

Those interested in further information are invited to call 970-232-4110 or 801-537-1412.


Ralph Woodward, Artistic Director, at 801-537-1412