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Support the Choir during “Love UT Give UT”


On March 26, 2015, Love UT Give UT will bring Utahns together for 24 hours of unprecedented giving to some of our community’s premier nonprofit organizations.

We encourage you to make a donation of $10 or more to The Salt Lake Children’s Choir.

Give online through the Choir’s special “Love Utah Give UT” website .  Make your donation on March 26, or, if you prefer, click here now and schedule your donation for March 26.

smiling children in uniform

Smiling singers from the Salt Lake Children’s Choir, Cathedral of the Madeleine Christmas 2014.

Thank you for your generous support of arts education for children in our community.

How our children came to sing in the Salt Lake Children’s Choir

Two choir boys (cropped)Some time in the late 1990’s I was invited to attend a Salt Lake Children’s Choir concert with my sister and her children. I thought to myself as I sat and marveled at their professional presentation, “I would love to have a child who sings in that choir some day.” At the time I was still single.

Fast forward to 2011: One day soon after my first son turned eight, his church leader called to ask if it would be alright for Colin to sing a solo in the children’s program. I had heard my child sing songs he picked up from one place or another and thought that he seemed to be on pitch, “but perhaps I am just a typical proud parent,” I told myself. When an outsider told me he sang well, I thought, “If he has a gift for singing he ought to be developing it.” I immediately thought back to my experience seeing the Salt Lake Children’s Choir perform. Continue reading